We are Purple Ribbon Lawn Care and we serve Fremont and the surrounding communities for complete lawn care and snow removal.

We offer a full range of services for all seasons. If you do not see what you need on our listed services please don’t hesitate to ask.

Get to know us

Many people have asked about the name of my business and why I decided to call it Purple Ribbon. So, here is the story. I did a little mowing here and there, or a little tree trimming, etc. for a little “walking around money” on top of my full time job. Then one of my family members got sick. She got incredibly ill , we went through some scary times. She was ultimately diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. Several Doctor’s, procedures, surgeries, meds, etc. later she is on the mend. That takes a lot of time off work. Well if you are your own boss, you will not be fired if you take time off to take care of your child. So the lightbulb goes off, the company is born and needs to be named. I didn’t want to name after myself and because I loved her so much, I named the company Purple Ribbon ,because this is the color ribbon for Crohn’s Disease. ( It doesn’t hurt that it means 1st place in 4-H either) And that is the story of how PRLC got its name.

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